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This is a demonstration version of EasyCAPI  - a Web - based Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) system.
note: You need Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or above to properly display this demo.
Constructing a Questionnaire is easy:
Click on Go or Member Login. The user id and password are pre-filled for you.
Click on Create / Modify (on the top). Click on New Product Placement (the only type available for this demo).  You will be presented with a New Product Placement Recruitment screen.   Choose or fill all the fields on the Recruitment screen.
Click on Questions tab on the bottom. You will be presented with Questions screen    Chose or fill all the fields for the question   On the same screen, you are requested to choose or fill Choices the respondent will select from.   Click on More Choice if required.    Click Next Question, if you want to add more questions and choices.  Click Done when you are finished adding Questions. 
Click on Generate Password.  You will be presented with Password screen.  Go ahead and generate the password.  This is the password you will mail to your respondents. 
Finally click on Send Out Questionnaire.  You will have your e-mail program's window open with a link to the new questionnaire, password and brief instructions on how to fill out the questionnaire.
Click Save on the Recruitment Screen.   You should see a confirmation message informing you that the new Questionnaire has been successfully created.  Your Questionnaire is ready and should appear under Run option (on the top menu).
Conducting an Interview is even easier:
Click on Run.  You will see your questionnaire listed (along with Demo questionnaire).  Just click on the questionnaire and you will be taken through the prompts and questions.  At the end you should see a congratulation message on a successful completion of the Interview.
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