Experts in anaytics and machine learning

CIS LTD consultants have helped numerous clients with their analytics architecture and deployment, development of analytics, dashboards and reports, predictive analytics with machine learning and text mining.
Here are some examples where we helped our clients:

Financial Services:
  • Investment banking (money transfer, deals analysis)
  • Post trade analysis (e-trading, fixed income)
  • Risk (market, counterparty, operational)
  • Compliance and trade surveillance
  • Asset management
  • Claims analysis and fraud detection
  • Regulatory reporting (Solvency II)
  • Marketing campaigns planning
  • Exploration and Production (drilling and reservoir management)
  • Marketing including Churn and Customer 360 view
  • Capacity planning and forecasting
  • Network operations (quality of service)
  • Sales and Marketing including forecasting and simulation
  • Competitive analytics
  • R&D (new molecules analytics, yield management, process improvement)
  • High tech assembly (aircraft, lithography systems)
  • Yield management for foundries