Experts in anaytics and machine learning

Experts in analytics, predictive analytics, machine learning and text mining are here to support global enterprises with their analytics needs.  

From the improvement of analytic processes to rolling out TIBCO Spotfire platform in a global environment to getting a predictive insight from your data using RapidMiner or R, CIS LTD’s consultants are here to accompany you on your analytics journey.  

CIS LTD offers you deep, vertical expertise based on years of experience, specializating in the leading analytics and machine learning solutions.   Please refer to our Services & Products page for more information on some of these analytics platforms.  

We are using the leading analytics platforms, tools and methodologies to enable your organization quickly and efficiently. We have partnered with the leading analytics software vendors to provide you with full service anaytics solutions.

Building close long-standing relationships with our clients and partners is part of our culture. If you are looking for a leader in analytics, machine learning, CIS LTD is the right choice